Outbreak Exhibition at the STEAM gallery

I set up my first solo exhibition this week at the STEAM gallery, Wigan. I have been making these pieces for the last three years and although I have exhibited The OUTBREAK games before, I  have not, until now, had the chance to exhibit them all together. It was great seeing them all in one place.

Outbreak window 2017

STEAM Outbreak chess detail


Clay zoo at the FaB arts festival in Bath 2017

These animals tell of society’s elastic and ever changing sexual identities their female and male genitalia tell a  story of confusion about our identity and place in the world.  A brass chain holds the animal down to the heavy ball on the ground, whilst the kangaroo represents a more joyous view of sexuality.  The ape is a symbol of the origins of us all, but stuck in a glass box like an exhibit at the Natural History Museum. 


I will be exhibiting them at FaB – Fringe Bath Festival in May- June 2017.