Exhibiting OUTBREAK and a new game


Helen Birnbaum OUTBREAK 3

I set up my first solo exhibition this week at the STEAM gallery in Wigan. I started making these works during my ceramic residency at Liverpool Hope University.


Outbreak window 2017

A new game for OUTBREAK 

 I am making a new game for the OUTBREAK series.  This is Viral Draughts and is a chunky, substantial work intended to be played with. One side is white and red blood cells and the other a variety of interesting viruses:  Rubella, Encephalitis, Garia (the strange looking one with the metal tail) and the Common Cold.




 Helen Birnbaum OUTBREAK Draughts 4


Helen Birnbaum OUTBREAK Draughts 17




Clay zoo



When I am not exploring the nightmare world of viruses and microbes I look to more familiar forms, but with their own interesting tales to tell. These animals, with their their female and male genitalia, tell of society’s elastic and ever changing sexual identities  and a story of confusion about our identity and place in the world.   









I exhibited Clay zoo at FaB – Fringe Bath Festival between May and June 2017