Bar billiards and microbe viruses


Virus billiards 1


A game of bar billiards transformed into spiky white ceramic viruses.  These pieces are inspired by actual viral forms,  but also the fragile beauty of underwater coral. The ceramic pieces represent:

  • Chicken pox

  • Hepatitis CV

  • Measles

  • Herpes

  • Rubella

  • Yellow Fever

  • Mumps

  • HIV

  • Encephalitis

Virus Billiards 2.jpg

I have also been experimenting with filling chemistry jars with viral shapes. I like the contrast of their sharp fragility with the shiny glass walls of the jars.  In the smaller jar the viruses are almost tipping outside of their protective container.

Virus Billiards 4


The first edition of The Outbreak Games


First stage of work

The first edition of this work  when the pieces were all a similar size and I had not added the bright red blood cell pawns.

Second stage of work

The next stage of development was to make  certain of the pieces larger to emphasise their significance and potential danger, for example the KING HIV& AID’s is now significantly taller and the Queen TB is also a much larger and more dramatic figure. At the same time I added screen print slogans and statements about viruses to emphasise the impact that viruses have on the lives of those suffering with them.


Figurative women

Pandora's Boxes

Pandora in her golden glasses holds the key to unlocking her boxes. Do the glasses mean that she is blinded to what is inside or to protect her from it? The sharp corners of the boxes are in contrast with the African inspired Pandora figure. The glasses are decorated in gold lustre.


Her partner, Finishing Line, a rather tired figure on her 1970’s Space Hopper has finished her happy journey.




Exhibitions and press

Gender fluidity at Bath Arts Festival of emerging makers
Northern Potters’ Exhibition


Royal Cambrian Open Art competition
Warrington Contemporary Open
West Lancashire Open Art competition
Black and White, Arthouse SCA
Artist of the month, Arthouse SCA
Microscopic ceramics at Southport Arts Festival
Phil Redmond’s Auction in support of BabyGrow 
Loughborough Makers’ Market with Northern Potters
White and Black at Bath Arts Festival of emerging makers
Clay Collective, Platform Gallery


Art with a Heart exhibition
Northern Potters’ Exhibition


West Lancashire Arts Open exhibition


West Lancashire Arts Open Competition


MA Art and design degree show, UCLAN


In my Liverpool Home installation,  Skelmersdale


BTEC exhibition, SCOLA gallery


2000 – 08
Student exhibitions, SCOLA
Open College certificate exhibition


AA2A Ceramics residency at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool.


 Issue on-line magazine feature a review of my work
Wotisart?  Magazine
Art Reveal Magazine
Featured artist in A5 magazine
Review of all my work featured in ARM magazine
Work featured in Average Art professional art magazine
 Appear in the COCA (Centre for Ceramic Art) website,  Rethink Ceramics


Work featured in Average Art professional art magazine
NPA News
NPA News


MA thesis on public art and New Town development archived in the National Gallery and National Library of Australia